Frequently Asked Questions

Why BTN Systems?

BTN stands for Better-Than-New. At BTN Systems, most of the systems and components we sell are factory refurbished. There are many reasons to purchase a factory refurbished system: the price is usually much lower than a brand new system; the systems have been tested extensively by both the manufacturer and us, and the systems are usually ready to ship the same day, even with configuration changes - they're better than new!

I've never heard of BTN Systems - how do I know I'll get the service I need?

BTN Systems is an IT hardware vendor and consulting firm based in Washington, DC. BTN Systems and its predecessor company have been on eBay for over 6 years and is a Platinum Power Seller with excellent feedback (eBay user ID: btnsystems). We opened our own web store in November, 2006 to allow our customers to configure a custom system more easily and get instant pricing information. Feel free to email us at if you want to out more about our company and services.

What's a factory refurbished system, and is it as reliable as a new system?

In theory, a factory refurbished system is one that may contain new, used, or repaired components, and has been thoroughly tested and certified to like-new performance by the factory. In practice, any system that gets assembled for a different customer order that is later cancelled is sold as "refurbished," even if the system was never used or even shipped. Refurbished systems come with the same original accessories and packaging as a new system, and often you couldn't tell the difference except for a small label that identifies it as "refurbished."

As far as reliability goes, a defective new computer component will usually either fail immediately, or several years later (if ever), whether the system is new or refurbished. The majority of computer equipment will become obsolete long before it breaks down. Our experience is that a refurbished system may even be more reliable than a new system because it has been tested a couple times by the manufacturer, possibly another customer, and us. Regardless, refurbished systems are covered by the same warranty as a brand-new system.

Is your MSRP accurate? If so, why are you able to provide these discounts??

The MSRP listed is based on the manufacturer's approximate full retail prices for the same brand-new configuration at the time the item was listed (however, since computer prices are volatile, they may or may not be exactly accurate at the time you read them).

Our prices are so low because we purchase in volume at the lowest prices available, we don't have a lot of marketing or retail overhead, and we have excellent relationships with our suppliers.

Will I be fully covered by the manufacturer's warranty?

Most systems have most of their manufacturer's warranty remaining, usually between 2 years 6 months and 3 years. To be covered, the warranty must be transferred your company's name and address, which BTN Systems can assist with after purchase.

Sometimes an upgrade to your system which includes parts that are not part of the system's original configuration will not be covered under the original system warranty. In those cases, BTN Systems will either provide the manufacturer's order number under which those upgraded parts were purchased so that the buyer can receive warranty service from the manufacturer, or BTN Systems will provide a replacement part directly from its warehouse.

What if I find a system cheaper somewhere else? And do you offer quantity discounts?

If you find a system for a lower price elsewhere, please let us know, and we'll try to beat it. Please make sure you compare identical systems, including warranty coverage, taxes, and shipping.

We are sometimes able to offer even higher discounts on multiple systems. If you are planning on purchasing more than two servers, please email to see what additional discounts may be available. Our prices are already low and many of our systems are in high demand, so in some cases we cannot drop our prices further.

My current server just crashed and I need a new one fast. Can you ship overnight?

Usually. Most items are in stock and if cleared payment is received by 4:00PM EST, we can often ship the same day. Please contact to confirm stock availability and get a quote for upgraded shipping.

If your question isn't answered here, please email us at